I got involved in the Surfrider Foundation early on because of my background in doing just that...getting involved. The Santa Cruz Surfing Museum idea came up in 1984. With several people and groups and the help of Surfrider, the museum was established in the lighthouse overlooking Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz in 1985.

The Santa Cruz Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation was started in 1991. We achieved the status as the most active and successful chapter of the now 50 worldwide chapters early on. My involvement in this group was a perfect fit for me partially for the love of surfing but also because of the people I’ve met with similar passions, protecting the thing we love, surfing and the waves we ride.

Another photographic passion I have is documenting the efforts put out by volunteers for groups like Shared Adventures and RAW (Ride A Wave). These groups allow the physically, mentally and economically challenged individuals to be introduced to the near shore waters and its waves in a safe and confident manner. The shots I’ve taken of these events, which include quadriplegics, cancer kids, burn victims and at risk youth, are some of the best events I’ve ever shot. The happiness on these peoples faces after catching their first wave is about as emotional as you can get. I hope you enjoy these images and remember: the best surfer in the water is the one who’s having the most fun.